Senior Petroleum Engineer

Senior Petroleum Engineer

Department: Engineering

Contact: Cliffe Killam (email)

Responsibilities could include:

  • Prepare AFE's and assist in economic justification for well work
  • Track and meet goals related to LOE and production
  • Analyze and interpret well, field, and economic data and provide control measures
  • Review well data and provide the engineering prospective with charts, maps, schematics, etc.
  • Design, initiate, and coordinate well procedures for completion, workover, and well maintenance
  • Provide engineering perspective with drilling & completions, formation evaluation, wireline, cementing, reservoir stimulation, artificial lift, facilities & pipelining
  • Evaluate, recommend, and justify artificial lift
  • Provide at-site supervision and well control, and ensure safety is implemented
  • Interpret formation geology, well and field potential, and economics
  • Act as documenting liaison with State of Texas RRC Oil & Gas division
  • Research inactive wells to locate new potential
  • Design Plug and abandon procedures
  • Manage service companies and evaluate performance, pricing and contracts, and efficiency
  • Design enhanced oil and gas recovery and fluid disposal projects
  • Maintain leases in accordance with surface and mineral owners

Desired Skills and Experience

  • BS in Petroleum engineering
  • Experience with field operations either through similar position or with oil field service company
  • 10+ years of experience within production engineering
  • Ability for advancement and over time taking on a leadership role
  • Must be able to be a team player and work with field hands, engineering managers, service companies, and executive team
  • Strong work ethic and drive
  • Problem solver and ability to solicit solutions from engineering and non-engineering (but experienced in running workovers rigs) staff in the field
  • Organziation skills, timely handling of paper work, and communication to all relevant parties in the organization is critical


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